Academic ghostwriters for law – experts help in the study

Law is one of the most demanding courses of study. Extremely learning-intensive exam phases as well as home and seminar work at a high level lead to a considerable drop-out and failure rate in the study of law.

The pressure to perform increases from semester to semester to the first legal exam. No wonder many students are getting support from a law ghostwriter for their housework.

Do you also need help creating legal texts because you still have difficulties with building and structuring legal opinions? Or do you need help in researching legal texts, because you can not afford time for this because of an internship or part-time job?

Depending on where you are in your law school, our experienced law ghostwriters are happy to help you. To get to your destination faster, you can also get a template for your law homework.

High failure rate among law students

According to statistics from the Federal Ministry of Justice, about 9,900 of the around 14,000 candidates in Germany passed the compulsory state examination in 2016. Thus, about 30% of the students did not make it to the first attempt. This results in fear of failure and high pressure to perform, which our company wants to counteract with its support for you.

Legal authors for every area of ​​law

A lawyer characterizes logical thinking and a pronounced ability to analyze. While you can expand your competencies in these areas by studying, a degree of baseline affinity will help you successfully graduate. Nevertheless, it is not easy for you, in modules like

  • legal history
  • legal philosophy
  • legal theory
  • rights policy
  • sociology of law
  • do a housework quickly and without stress?

Our experienced ghostwriters in law are well-versed in all subjects of legal studies and are happy to assist you in the writing process as well as in research on specific topics.

Do you need support in the legal opinion for jurisprudential seminar papers, our experts are the ideal contact. Let us make you an individual offer for exactly your situation!

Can I have my law written by a ghostwriter?

As in the exam, the methodical approach in the context of housework is crucial. Whether in criminal law, civil law or public law – for the house or seminar work in law, the search in an unknown area of ​​law for you the first major hurdle?

A law ghostwriter can assist you in this step. As an experienced author, he knows the standard works of law and will help you with the search and the creation of the bibliography.

If you then have trouble creating the solution sketch or difficulties in implementing the judgment or review style, write your personal ghostwriter of law also a template for your housework.

  • Stress-free for the bachelor thesis
  • Clarify the topic exactly
  • Make a schedule & stick to intermediate goals
  • Include buffer time for correction & printing
  • Stay calm & hire Ghostwriter

Legal state examination, diploma, Bachelor of Law or Master of Law?

Despite the Bologna reform, the study of law with first legal examination is still the most common form. If the compulsory subject examination and the special area examination have been passed, lawyers can apply for the academic degree “Diplom-Jurist” in the diploma procedure – without having to write a diploma thesis. However, there is no study for a diploma.

Those who study law as a bachelor and subsequently as a master, especially in combination with political, economic or technical subjects, have a good chance of finding a job in an authority, institution or the legal department of large companies.

However, the bachelor thesis and later the master thesis must shine with excellent grades, because the competition in the law is high. Regardless of your intended degree, our law Ghostwriters will be there to help. In this way, you complete your law studies much less stressful and can focus on the important modules and areas of law that interest you.

  • price factors
  • page number
  • processing time
  • subject area
  • Complexity of the topic
  • literature review
  • Empirical work
  • Provided preliminary work

What costs do I have to expect from a ghostwriter in law?

Our law-scientific pool of authors consists of lawyers and full-time lawyers who have the necessary expertise for their assignment and the experience in creating academic papers.

Our trained lawyers are responsible for a fair payment, which is why we calculate each project individually. Whether legal opinion, legal solution sketch or the law housework – the page prices depend on the field of study, the processing time and the complexity of the topic.

For example, a beginner-level legal solution would cost around 90 euros for 4 pages. The price already includes proofreading and plagiarism. Contact our friendly customer service team to get the individual price for your order.

Ghostwriter instead of repetition

Although the offers at university revisions are increasing, but only where there are enough supervisors. However, if there is a lack of tutors, a ghostwriter will help you write your law homework and help you with all your questions.

Our ghostwriters are specialists with a focus

All authors working in our ghostwriting agency have focused on a specific area of ​​law. For example, we have ghostwriters specializing in:

  • Employment Law
  • inheritance
  • European law
  • family law
  • commercial law
  • Real estate law
  • tax law
  • insurance law
  • administrative law

Thanks to their extensive expertise and many years of professional experience as a lawyer, prosecutor or consultant, they are the ideal support if you need help with your law studies.

Since communication plays a special role in jurisprudence, we attach great importance to the direct communication between your personal author and you. Absolutely anonymously, you can chat with your law ghostwriter via our Ghost Space® communication platform and upload and download files there.

Quality projects

In jurisprudential texts care and exactness can be decisive. Therefore, it is particularly important to us to entrust only selected law Ghostwriters with excellent degrees and experience in writing academic texts with your assignment.

As experienced lawyers, they know the intricacies of the expert opinion in legal opinions and solution sketches.

In the second step, your job goes through a professional law proofing, where we look at style, content, grammar and spelling.

That your law homework, seminar paper, bachelor thesis or master thesis is unique, shows you the plagiarism check, which we carry out at the end of each project.

Get a non-binding offer for your academic work in law!